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Casper Neumann Svanemose, International Marketing Manager at LogicKeyboarD

"I discovered Kelsey’s PremiereGal Youtube profile a few weeks after she published it. Instantly I was intrigued. I thought to myself “Here is a gal, who really understands how to talk to her audience”, and I knew that she would have great success building her videos and follower base. Kelsey is one of those persons who you just “click” with, she is very easy to work with, extremely friendly and very fair. I would recommend everyone to work with Kelsey, both as a video contributor but also as a co-operator for launching new products, and getting her opinion on things."


Lauren Smith Dyer, Communications Director at Melanoma Research Foundation

"Kelsey was not only easy to work with, but organized, creative and efficient! It was a pleasure working with her on the MRF's Miles for Melanoma DC video. The end product was GREAT and the working process was seamless."


Hayley Jordan, Digital Marketing at WipSter

"Kelsey was brilliant to work with. Very friendly, helpful, and knew exactly what we as a client wanted. Kelsey produced a gorgeous training video of very high quality for our users. It matched our brand and was instrumental in training our users and driving new traffic to our website. She understands digital marketing and the importance of SEO, advertising, and promoting online. She has a strong online presence which can only be a huge advantage for people working with her. I really look forward to working with Kelsey again and would recommend her to anyone looking for product training, editing training, or general promotional activities in the video production industry."

Mara Anderson, Executive Director at Community Colleges for International Development Inc.

"Kelsey adeptly leverages her outstanding video production skills to facilitate intercultural communication. In developing State's video message supporting the athletes at the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics, Kelsey first researched Chinese online media to assess existing messaging around the event. She then worked closely with colleagues in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Washington to craft a thoughtful, appealing message. She then liaised with the International Olympics Committee to sort out video rights. Finally, working across time zones and media markets, she rolled out an effective media strategy. I strongly recommend Kelsey for her international project management skills."